Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bambi Strikes Back!

I will forewarn you that this story seems too embellished to be true. As with almost every story I tell, there are some embellishments. For the most part, the story is true. We'll just say it is true from my point of view.

Last week was final exam week for me. I had 3 finals in one day (which should be outlawed in Bloomington, IN). I planned to be a good MBA student and attend the review session led by my Finance professor. The review session began at 6:30 p.m. I live about 15 minutes away from school and there were remnants of snow on the ground. Taking all of this into account, I decided to leave my house at 6:00 p.m. to make sure that I would be on time.

Everything went as planned until I pulled out of my subdivision. Between this turn and the stoplight, there is less than 1/4 mile of dark road (no lights, lots of trees). I have warned people to be careful because it seems like a place where deer would choose to cross the street. I took my own advice, of course. I drove slowly through there (mostly because I thought there would be ice, but that is beside the point).

Alas, my attempts at safety proved to be futile. Almost as soon as I turned onto this road, I saw a (huge) deer! I've always heard that I should expect more to follow, so I hit my brakes. My anti-lock brake kicked in as soon as I saw another deer right in front of  my car. I did what all good drivers do: closed my eyes and held onto the steering wheel for dear (deer?) life. I realized that I did not hit that particular deer. Once my car came to a full stop, I heard a loud bumping noise on the front left side of my car. That's right, folks...another deer ran into my car. Essentially, I was attacked by a deer. It ran away and two more ran across the road.

I was really shaken up by this! At the time, I thought that I had run over a deer. I drove on to school and went to the review session. I couldn't open the door on the driver's side of my car, so I had to crawl out of the passenger's side. I thought my car would be covered in deer carcass, so I refused to look at it. Once inside the classroom, I contacted my husband. He (being the super-husband that he is) came to school and looked at my car while I was in the classroom. He let me know that he did not find any deer guts on the car, but he did see some dents.

Whew! Hopefully no deer was killed in this terrible accident. My car door is a small price to pay to keep those sweet animals safe. As you'll see from the next post, however, this event was only the first in a string of unfortunate events last week...

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