Friday, December 31, 2010

On the mend...

The last few weeks have been interesting at my house. Let's rewind to final exam week, shall we? I had 3 exams on Wednesday of that week. Yes, that's clearly unfair, but I played the hand I was dealt. Like all good MBA students, I was frantically trying to cram the last pieces of information about Finance into my brain that night. I was at a coffeeshop with a classmate preparing for the next day's exam. If you read my last post, you'll know that this is the day after my car got attacked by deer while I was driving to a Finance review session. I'm sensing a theme here. Anyway, I received a call from my dear husband around 10 pm. He was on his way home from playing basketball. He had rolled his ankle and couldn't walk on it. I packed up my study stuff and headed to one of our many local CVS stores. I bought pain medicine, an ankle wrap, and some crutches. When I got home, I was unprepared for the huge orange-sized knot on the side of my husband's ankle. Of course he wouldn't go to the doctor, so we did our best to treat the patient at home. For the next week, we had to ice his ankle round the clock and keep it elevated. This meant that he could not walk much. That, of course, meant that I got to play nurse. Thank God for Christmas break! It gave my husband a chance to rest and heal. Two weeks later, he can walk on his own without the crutches and we can leave the house a lot more frequently.
Looking back on it, I'm so glad that the damage was not worse. Let's hope that the Finance Curse of 2010 doesn't follow us into 2011.

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