Saturday, December 4, 2010

Post-Thanksgiving Post

Happy December! We got our first few real inches of snow last night. I hate winter, but I loved watching my dog romp in the snow this morning.

Did you have a happy Thanksgiving? I surely did. My family and I traveled to lovely Las Vegas to celebrate the holiday. We ate so much that I could barely eat when I got back home. There were many buffets involved on that trip. We ate Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin's house with his family. His wife made an awesome spread! It was good to have some home-cooked food. Besides that, we went shopping and toured a lot of different casinos. We had a great time, but got very little rest.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was watching The Lion King (musical). I have only seen parts of the movie (Mufasa's death was more than I could bear). The musical was much better. It focused much more on the African setting than the movie did. The dancers were almost unreal. Their costumes were not blatant, but suggested the animals they portrayed. I loved the music! Mufasa was my favorite character. Overall, I give it a 10. This musical rivals Wicked, which is my all-time favorite so far. I've seen Wicked 3 times (once on Broadway), so maybe I'm getting tired of it. I highly suggest checking out The Lion King if you live near good theater. It's a great show for kids and adults (my 6-year-old niece loved it, too). I will definitely try to see it again.

If you're a Hoosier, enjoy the snow. Everyone else: I hope you get to enjoy sunshine and a beach today instead of cold weather.


  1. Lion King is A+ in my book. I've seen it twice, once on Broadway. Liked it better the second time in Indy.

    Wicked is one of my faves, as well. Seen it three times. It's in Indy this week and next...trying to figure out how to justify that expense.

    Have you seen Les Mis? MY FAVORITE by far.

  2. I've never seen Les Mis, but I've heard good things. In fact, I've never seen a musical in Indy. I saw Rent at IU and loved it! I really want to see Legally Blonde. :)