Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I hate packing. The only thing I hate worse than packing is unpacking. Each time I have to pack for a trip or to move, I trick myself into thinking that I'm going to be so organized. I have visions of nicely folded clothes that are organized by outfit in appropriately labled boxes. The reality ends up being a mess. I usually wait until the last minute and throw clothes or whatever into suitcases and boxes.
I'm moving out of my summer apartment in a week from Friday. I'm headed back to my house, my husband, and my dog. This time, my packing has been a little bit different. I have actually started (which is unlike me). I have a box of books and a duffle bag full of clothes ready to go into my car. The plan is to move myself back home in 2 car loads. We'll see how that goes.
If you're awesome at packing, please lend me your advice. Better yet, if you're awesome at unpacking, meet me at my house in 2 weeks.

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