Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I am far enough into my 1/2 Marathon training program to incorporate cross training on my off days. Strengthening my muscles will help me run better. I also need some good stretching. I have decided that yoga is a good way to get both of those components at once.

I purchased a special deal on some yoga classes. For $20, I get my choice of 10 classes at a hot yoga studio in Louisville. I decided to try the Vinyasa class tonight. I'm so glad I did! The instructor was excellent and gave me some good tips. She even managed to make us laugh. The whole experience was challenging and relaxing at the same time.

At the end of the class, she asked us to lay down on our mats. The room was warm (but not as hot as during the Bikram class). She spoke in low tones as we relaxed on the floor. She stopped talking and I let my mind wander. I guess I let it wander a little too much. I found myself thinking "She is being very rude and talking too loudly!". It turns out that she was making sure that I was awake! I had taken a little snooze. She was a good sport about it and didn't make fun of me.

On Thursday, I'm planning to take "Power Vinyasa". Keep your fingers crossed that I don't reward myself with a nap again.


  1. I just did yoga for 5 minutes and had to stop. I get discourage because I'm so NOT flexible!

  2. Don't let that discourage you! I assure you that I'm very inflexible. The more you practice, the better your flexibility will become. Just do what you can, you'll improve in no time!